Arosha Express Slimming Fat Loss Wraps

The Arosha Slimming Express Program uses pre-packed treatments with disposables bandages. The bandages are impregnated with a variety of quality ingredients to aid cellulite reduction, water retention, toning and moisturising.  The pre-prepared and disposable bandages used in the treatments are highly hygienic and offer a fast and effective twist on traditional body wraps.

The treatment takes 1 hour and up to two wraps can be taken in one week.  A course of 8 body wraps is recommended.  

1 Body Wrap - £37.00
8 Body Wraps - £265.00

General Contraindications

Do not wrap directly over: Psoriasis


Broken skin, cuts, abrasions

Recent tattoos (Less than 6 months)

Recent piercings (Less than 6 months)

Recent scar tissue (Less than 6 months)

Do not treat if the client presents with: Lack of sensation


Allergy to any of the ingredients

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